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Public Radio is my main metier. Radio- and Audio-Art also in ordinary programs, appropriate to the subject and with a sense of humor, is my goal and passion here; trade union engangement an essential necessity.

Linux and Open-Source are my favorite access to the digital world; and ... oh yes, I also like to ride my bicycle.

Oh Gosh, you might think, just another guy who wants to pour out his personality in the endless wideness of the Internet filling its vastness with digital garbage! And actually - you are right! Although there are many pages about the above mentioned topics on this site as well - but mostly written in German. And the few remaining English pages are mainly about me, myself and my work - more a digital business card than a real website. Sorry!

But you may try the German pages as well!



Klaus-Michael Klingsporn

D-16341 Panketal
Hauptstr. 43

phone: +49-30-9445363
mobile: +49-178-2829648




You are right,

the picture isn't really up to date, but nowadays everybody should present himself young, dynamic and open-minded. Like me at that time! - And in fact: there were only a few changes!


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